About Us

Who We Are

Orlando Roofers was established in 2007 with the desire to genuinely provide unique and comprehensive roofing solutions for residential and commercial property owners in Orlando at reasonable prices. We aim to serve and protect their homes against Orlando’s terrible storms and hurricanes. Importantly, to assist in the reconstruction of the affected buildings.

But now, we offer a broad range of roofing service that cut across different homes and industries. Orlando Roofers is a certified roofing company that has received various accreditations from government and private institutions. We are fully insured, follows both local and international code and have the backing of financial institutions.

At Orlando Roofers, we help property owners deal with unexpected storm damage, leaking roofs, damaged shingles, as well as their insurance claim procedures. We have assisted in the remodeling of commercial and residential buildings during hurricanes, so we know that these tragic events are rather disheartening.

We make it our priority to always respond to your calls in an urgent, compassionate, and efficient manner. We are blessed with the best brains, as well as cutting-edge roofing equipment to help you combat any situation you may encounter in Orlando, Florida. Nevertheless, we are the Orlando roofing company you can trust!

What We Do

We believe that the roof has a significant role to play in the standard, beauty, and safety of a house. Orlando Roofers offers residential roofing of various styles, giving your home the curb appeal that suits your taste. We have a team of qualified personnel with years of experience installing and revamping residential buildings across Orlando, Florida.

Significantly, we have established a smooth relationship with organizations providing for their various commercial roofing needs. We believe that businesses; both startups and established need a reliable, sturdy, and befitting roof to keep their operation running effortlessly. Our services include:

  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing
  • Roof Installation & Reroofing
  • Roof Repair & Replacement
  • Roof Inspection & Diagnosis
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Costing & Estimation
  • Roof Gutter cleaning, and more.


We Are Not Just Roofers. We Are Creative Contractors

Creativity is critical in every business, although the utility may differ from one environment to another. We believe that putting to work; all we have experienced working for several homes and businesses over 13 years in a creative way will bring about a wholly diversified roofing experience for our customers.

Our Difference

Through the continuous delivery of successful roofing projects and with the help of our highly qualified team of roofing experts, Orlando Roofers has built a formidable brand that is based on integrity, superior quality, and trust. We go above and beyond to understand every aspect of your roofing problems, so that we can offer the most feasible solution. Below are what set us aside from other roofing companies in Orlando, Florida.

  • Over a decade of successful roofing experience
  • Magnificent customer service delivery
  • We are insured, licensed, and certified
  • Superior quality workmanship
  • Diverse knowledge across different roofing materials and properties
  • Federal contractor verified
  • 99% of customer satisfaction
  • FEMA verified provider
  • We’ve worked and collaborated with big names across Florida
  • Financing Available
  • We offer a long-term warranty


Our Promise & Commitment

Industry-Leading Products

At Orlando Roofer, we source for the best grade products for every project we undertake. We believe in quality, durability, and safety. We promise to use only tested and industry-leading products on your roof so you can enjoy low maintenance and long-lasting roof. We also offer a warranty on every roof we install, repair, or replace.

Seamless Communication

We understand that communication is as vital as the project itself, which is why we take it seriously. Our team will communicate with you, answer your questions, and work tirelessly from start to finish ensuring that you are fully satisfied.

Incredible Clean-Up

We believe in proper hygiene, and we make it our responsibility to keep your property clean, neat, and spotless after every roofing project. We will ensure that your property appears better than when we commenced your project – we promise.

High-Quality Workmanship

Nobody does roofing better than Orlando Roofers when it comes to high standards and remarkable craftsmanship. Our team is well-trained, educated, and experienced. With our promise to keep your property safe, our team undertakes constant training to keep up with the latest products, technologies, and techniques in the industry.

Budget-Friendly Prices

You never have to go bankrupt if you are looking to upgrade your home or repair your roof. Orlando Roofers provide unmatched quality of work at highly competitive prices. Our team of experienced roofer completely handle your project without the help of subcontractors. A win-win situation for you!

Don’t Be Compromised by Amateur Roofers. Orlando Roofers Offer the Best Value You Can Get.